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Music at St. Paul's

Through music and liturgy at St.Paul's, we worship together as a community in one body. Our music program is lead by Director of Music Josiah Riddle and Mrs. Debbie Scott Director Emeritus. Since 1909 St.Paul's has used music to bring one another together. If you would like more information to be a part of the choir please visit our contact page.


Parish Choir

St. Paul's Parish Choir sings every Sunday. The choir is accompanied by Debbie Scott and Josiah Riddle. Explore the rich heritage of musical styles in the Episcopal Church, examine traditions of the liturgical year, and learn how to participate more confidently in our church's worship. Rehearsals consist of anthem learning, hymn singing, liturgy training. .If you are interested in singing in the choir, we will be having choir practice every Thursday at 5:30 PM. Please join us!


Sanctuary Piano

Our sanctuary piano is a 1919 Chickering Ampico baby grand built in Boston Massachusetts. The piano was donated by Fred & Margaret Miller.


Sanctuary Organ

Our Sanctuary organ is a 1930's Wicks Pipe Organ. The organ is comprised of 3 ranks, 22 stops, and 208 Pipes. The organ was donated by Mrs. Deborah Spidle.

St. Paul’s Pipe Organ is one of the few organs in the world with Vincent Henry Willis designed pipework. Father Willis was a well-known English organ builder in Britain, his firm was the leading organ builder in England during the Victorian era.

View more about the organ on the Pipe Organ Database.

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