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The temperature is nice and Sunny. The service will be led by Charles Bostian and Bobby Fensterer


This Sunday is Stewardship Sunday. Pledge forms will be available to all in attendance and mailed to all other church members. Please return your pledge in person or by mail by December 6th.

Attached: The Morning Prayer Booklet for November 1, 8, 15 and 22 is attached. You may use the prayer book, print the attached, or bring the attached up on your phone or tablet/iPad for use during the service.
Also attached is the Bulletin with the readings and prayers for this Sunday. You may print it at home and bring it, read it on your electronic device, or there will be copies available Sunday morning.


ECW’s next regular meeting will be in January 2021.

DAUGHTERS OF THE KING: Meeting by Zoom (it’s really easy by smart phone or computer). Call Phyllis Komble to find out how to connect. 704-763- 1970 (P) / 828-652-3017 You may also join the meeting simply by going to h1UT09

You will be placed in the waiting room and Phyllis will allow you in.

St. Paul's Lake James:
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The Service this coming Sunday, November 22, will be outdoors (weather

permitting) and will begin at 10:00 am.

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Prayer List:

For Our Families & Friends: Betty Fowler's brother Howard; Bill Phillips' brother-in-law John, LJ Dragon Boat founder Patti Kirchhoff; Gin Creswell's granddaughter, Kylie, Jan Henleys sister and her husband; LuJuan Harrill's parents Marie and Junior; Tyler Hodge, friend of Pat LaFevers and Peggy Valmossi, Joy’s mother

Thanksgivings for the Blessings of This Life: helping hearts and hands giving generously to our community

Special Needs and Concerns:
For the Sick in our Congregation: Barb Janssen; Mike Fowler; Peggy Brittain; Mark Raines; Faye Trunkfield; LuJuan Harrill; Pat LaFevers; Alex Fowler; Toon Scott; Jerel Hoffman; Mary Phillips; Biff Bauer.

Those whose ministry is public safety: Lake Deputy Tyler Gantt; Burke and McDowell Sheriff and Police Departments; NC Swift Water and Mountain Rescue Teams.
Those in the Military: those deployed to combat zones, especially Afghanistan. The families who wait for the safe return of their soldier. National Guard units deployed to assist in Hurricane and Fire Disasters.

First Responders: health and well-being of all care-givers and home health aides; refresh and restore the reservoir of hope in the hearts of EMTs.
Care Facilities: implementation and effectiveness of infection prevention protocols; sufficient PPE for everyone.

Concerns of the Congregation:

Christ’s Comfort and Consolation: Bill & Mar Phillips' on the death of Bill’s brother-in-law John Price

Those celebrating a Birthday or Wedding Anniversary:

Happy Birthday to Kiley Edwards on November 24.
Happy Anniversary to Dave & Mary Stang on November 22 and John & Annie Howard on November 25.


November 20 - Daughters of the King via Zoom or at the Parish Hall, 10 am November 23 – Yoga, 5 PM Parish Hall (porch and/or inside)
November 27 – Daughters of the King Advent Study, Father Jeff Mackey will lead the study from the Parish Hall. You may also join via Zoom. 10 AM

November 30 – Yoga, 5 PM Parish Hall (porch and/or inside)

December 4 - Daughters of the King Advent Study, Father Jeff Mackey will lead the study from the Parish Hall. You may also join via Zoom. 10 AM
December 6 – Pledge forms need to be turned in

Breakfast Schedule: No one scheduled at this time
Greeters: Mary will send out a request for scheduling Greeters. Lectors, EM’s

when we get closer to resuming Sunday services.



GOOD SAMARITAN CLINIC is participating in the National Long-Sleeve Shirt Drive. Long sleeved shirts protect farmworkers from pesticide exposure and heat related illnesses. The Clinic is accepting donations. Check the website for times or phone the Clinic 828-212-4181.


GLEN ALPINE FOOD PANTRY: Operations “In the Time of COVID-19”— Since mid-March

About 75 families pick up pre-bagged food at a car line each week, where we serve Tuesdays 6-8 p.m.; Thursdays 10 a.m.-noon; and Fridays noon-2 p.m. Social hosting is “on hold” while clients cannot gather inside. We adjust local and Second Harvest purchases based on availability and budget. We are grateful for the vendors and individuals who have continued to support the pantry with food and monetary donations, our board of directors who meet monthly (by Zoom since April), and our faithful core group of volunteers who serve clients, shop, transport, and pre-pack food. We plan to resume indoor shopping by our clients, with appropriate safety protocols, when the Burke County COVID-19 numbers look better. Grant opportunities and donations of money and food from individuals, business, and churches are always welcome. Thank you for your ongoing support!!


BUCM made a request for food donations. There is a list of the top 10 items needed attached to this email which includes Canned Soup, Canned Pasta, Green

Beans, Canned Meat, Pop tarts, Cereal, Canned Fruit, Mac’n Cheese, Whole Potatoes, Peanut Butter] Dave put a box in front of the Parish Hall main door marked “BUCM Pantry Food.” You can run by the church any time and drop off your donation there. He will monitor the box, and take your Pantry Food donations over to BUCM on a regular basis.

The Christmas Store at BUCM is now open.

Food Pantry –

Wednesday’s lunch at the food pantry included the home canned green beans someone in our parish donated. See attached picture!

BUCM continues to make an outreach request for food donations. Here is an updated list of items needed for the poor and homeless: Canned Soup, Canned vegetables, Canned Pasta, All Types of Beans, Canned Meat, Salad Dressings, Cereal, Canned Fruit, Whole Potatoes, Cookies, Crackers, Peanut Butter.

I’ve put a box in front of the Parish Hall main door marked “BUCM Pantry Food.” You can run by the church any time and drop off your donation there. I will monitor the box, and take your Pantry Food donations over to BUCM on a regular basis. I’m asking that if you can help out in any small way, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thank you.

Soup Kitchen --

Work in the Soup kitchen is going VERY WELL. We are preparing a hot meal for the homeless and needy five days/week (not weekends). In addition, we are passing out a “to go dinner” (typically sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, pizza, etc.) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and a “double” on Fridays for the weekend.

We continue to employee one of the Soup Kitchen Team coordinators (a caterer by trade) and a couple of his staff to help prepare & cook the lunch & evening
meals. I have been working in the Soup Kitchen weekly, preparing, serving, and making up the lunches (in Styrofoam boxes) to pass out to the homeless, as well as inquire as to their other needs may be.

Our next regularly scheduled ‘Soup Kitchen Duty’ is Thursday, October 29. St. Paul’s support for this day has been fulfilled.

Eyeglasses and Eye-Ware Needed --

The plastic jug in the Parish Hall, marked “Used Glasses” for your eyeglass and eye-ware donations, is now INSIDE the BUCM Pantry Food Box in front of the Parish Hall main door. Thanks to everyone who can help out with your donation.

Collection Box @ the Lake James Fire Station across from 3-Way Supply –

I have placed a BUCM Collection Box (blue box) at the Lake James Fire Station. This is a convenient location for your donations. Or give them to Dave, and he will drop them by the BUCM Clothing Store.


READINGS for The Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost First Reading: - Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24

Psalm 100
Second Reading: Ephesians 1:15-23

Gospel: Matthew 25:31-46

Readings for November:

Nov 29 – First Sunday in Advent

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