Julian of Norwich
Catherine of Sienna
St. Anselm
St. Alphege
Richard of Chichester
Gregory the Great
William Laud
St. Nicholas
St. Cecelia
Leo the Great
All Saints/Souls
Alfred the Great
Teresa of Avila
Robert Grosseteste
Francis of Assisi
Lady of Walsingham
St. Matthew
John H Hobart
Charles Chapman Grafton
Bernard of Clairvaux
Jeremy Taylor
John Mason Neale
Curé D'Ars
Macrina the Younger
Peter and Paul
Bernard Mizeki
Anthony of Padua
Justin the Martyr
Charles Henry Brent
Saint Patrick
Blessed Edward King
Blessed G. Herbert
Matthias the Apostle
Blessed Pusey
Augustine of Hippo
Blessed Constance
Teresa of Lisieux
St. Luke
St. Raphael
St. Martin
St. Hugh
St. Elizabeth
Kamehameha IV
St. Jane Frances
Julia C. Emery
St. Paul
Liturgy Notes



The Saints listed in these pages are those of the Episcopal Church.  They have been featured weekly in the Saint Paul's parish bulletin, and the stories of them are as told by St. Paul's Parish Priest, the Rev. Dr. Alfred T.K. Zadig, Sr. beginning on Sunday, August 27, 2006.

To see a listing of all Saints in the Episcopal Church, as well as their feast days, click here.

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